Sailing and offshore racing are disciplines that bring together crowds of people who are passionate about boat performance and exceptional sailors. Because childhood is a crucial age for burgeoning passions, the Défi Azimut is focusing on the inclusion of young audiences to give them a special insight into racing.

As such, during the Défi Azimut and with the support of Lorient Grand Large, 200 children from in and around Lorient will be aboard the Pen Duick sailboats and a series of passenger vessels.


The protection of the ocean at the heart of the Défi with Surfrider Foundation

The environmental NGO, Surfrider Foundation, will be in attendance from Tuesday 13 September at the Défi Azimut – in the urban area of Lorient to discuss its main project: the Blue Escape.

The principle: to give children the opportunity to become ambassadors for the ocean.

The Blue Escape is a sports and educational project, which sees Surfrider and Imoca skipper Paul Meilhat, ambassador for the association for the past 10 years, teaming up to give children an introduction to sailing, spanning several months, whilst raising their awareness about the protection of aquatic environments. A format already trialled during the Défi Azimut 2021 and along the whole of the French coastline, the project has enjoyed incredible success with 320 children signed up to date.

To continue the social and environmental mission of Surfrider Foundation, a fundraiser will be organised throughout the Défi Azimut. Without your support, this call to permanently safeguard our Ocean will no longer be possible. It is our duty to expand this community of people passionate about the Ocean if we are to stand a chance of bringing about a change in consciences some day.