Benjamin Dutreux

Considered to be one of the revelations of the last edition of the Vendée Globe, Benjamin Dutreux has demonstrated his talent and expertise aboard an old generation IMOCA.

In 2016, he became an ambassador for the Water Family - From Snowflake to Wave and tearned up with the association in a series of sports projects. His mission? To pass on key values about the environment and  education through positive, practival and inspiring actions linked to his sports project. He has already raised awareness about such concerns amongst more than 8,000 children! 

Guyot Environnement, which specialises in the collection, sorting and recovery of resources and, in the future, the production of energy, has become the central partner to the project. Within Benjamin, his team and the Water Family, the Breton family business saw all the elements needed to combine sporting performance and the promotion of positive education!

This meaningful sailing project, with its very strong human and environmental values, is embodied by three teams with the same objective: to win for the water, to win on the water!

Sailing Highlights

2022 : Vendée Arctique - 11th
Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race - 6th
: Transat Jacques Vabre - 11th (Groupe APICIL) 
Défi Azimut - Lorient Agglomération - 10th (Groupe APICIL) 
Rolex Fastnet Race - 7th (Groupe APICIL) 
The Ocean Race Europe - 1er (Offshore Team Germany) 
2020-21 : Vendée Globe - 9th (81d 19h 45m 20s)
2020 : Défi Azimut - 13th 
2019 : Transat Jacques Vabre - 19th
2018 : Solitaire Urgo le Figaro - 5th
Solo Concarneau - 6th
Solo Maître Coq - 4th
2017 : Solitaire Urgo le Figaro - 12th
Solo Maître Coq - 13th
Solo Concarneau - 17th
2016 : Solitaire Bompard le Figaro 2017 - 14th
Solo Maître Coq - 14th
Solo Concarneau - 7th
2015 : Solitaire Bompard le Figaro - 29th
1st Bizuth French Championship Elite Offshore Racing