Davy Beaudart

Born in Ploemeur, Morbihan- Brittany, Davy Beaudart is far from being unknown in the world of offshore racing, as Louis Burton recalls. Louis Burton chose his lifelong friend for this season as he plays doubles : « Between 2001 and 2018, Davy had no less than 12 Mini Class victories. His prize list reveals his sailor qualities and his ability to fully engage in successful projects.”
Since he was 15-years-old, Davy Beaudart is a passionate sailor and has only lived for sailing and ocean racing. Like Louis Burton, he is a self-taught sailor. Without having followed the classic stages of ocean racing, Davy has built an impressive prize list. He was also one of the pioneers of round-nosed boats, also known as “Scow”. A revolutionary format…

Very attached to good work, Davy Beaudart is a meticulous sailor: « What I love most about the sea and ocean racing is disconnecting myself from what connects me to the land. I now have only one goal: to move quickly to make the best possible race,” he explains.
« With Louis, we regularly call to ask ourselves two or three questions. Last November, he told me, "Listen, would you like to come with me and do the double season and the TJV on Bureau vallée 2?" I said yes right away, because sailing is something I really like. He told me something very important «The plan is to score this season», I replied «with pleasure!» , I love performance, it’s a motto for me. It started from that »

And for their first race of the season, the performance was high with a 4th place on the Rolex Fastnet Race and reference speeds. The duo is on the way for a great season.

His co-skipper : Louis Burton Discover

Sailing Highlights


. Rolex Fastnet Race (with Louis Burton).
IMOCA Bureau Vallée 2: 4th
. Mini Fastnet (with Amélie Grassi). Series: 2nd
. Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron.Series: 3rd
. Plastimo Lorient Mini 6.50 (with François Jambou). Proto: 2nd
. Participation in the Ultim circuit on Actual. The Bridge.
. Mini Fastnet (with Charly Fernbach). Series: 1st
. Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron.Series: 5th
. Lorient Bretagne Sud Mini.Proto: 1st
. Mini Fastnet (with David Raison). Proto: 1st
. Marie-Agnès Péron Trophy. Proto: 1st
. Pornichet Select 6.50. Proto: 1st