- The 10th edition of the Defi Azimut event will take place in Lorient from 9th to 13th September 2020 - 5 fierce days of competition with runs, 48hour single-handed race and the Tour de Groix Island record - This will be the last confrontation among the Vendee Globe sailing IMOCAs

Last September, they were more than 20 IMOCAs to try the brand new Defi Azimut Challenge format. In 2020 for the 10th edition of the event, they will be 30 boats to take part to the Runs, to the 48hour race and to the Tour de Groix Island record... The three legs of this high level and convivial event.

The age of reason

Less than two months before the Vendee Globe's departure, the 48hour race will be held single-handed, with a mediamen onboard. After shipyard periods, the Defi Azimut will be the last opportunity to check the boats settings and to test them in real conditions before the famous single-handed race around the world. Set from the 9th to the 13th September 2020, the Defi Azimut will take place as usual in summer weather conditions.

"More than 70 sailors have already taken part to the Defi Azimut launched in 2011. This year, we are awaiting an exceptional participation of world-class athletes : Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, Transat Jacques Vabre and Solitaire du Figaro champions... and you are very proud of this" explains Jean-Marie Corteville, organizer of the Defi Azimut.and founder of Azimut, the French company specialized in numeric solutions.

"In 2020, we wish to organize a great parade including all britain sailors in order to celebrate the skippers who are coming to strive."

Mixed destinies

Linked to the developpement of the city of Lorient for years, the Defi Azimut will be able one more time to rest on its solid partners.


Lorient, where the Defi Azimut takes place each year, is « the place to be » for racing sailors. With extra 160-meter additional pontoons delivered in March, the infrastructure is ideal for accommodating all IMOCAs. And there will be many in 2020.


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