The events

RUNS – Crewed time trials

Courreaux de Groix
Wednesday 14 September

The Runs are outright speed in time trials. The starts will be located between Groix Island and Lorient. Each boat will have an individual start, and will be allowed four time trials. The goal: to record the best time over a course spanning 1 nautical mile, generally on a reach. It is an opportunity for skippers to really push their steeds, for the public to see the boats fulfil their true speed potential, and for the onboard guests to experience the sensations of offshore racing 'in the flesh'.

The winners of previous editions of the Défi Azimut :

2021: 11TH HOUR RACING - MĀLAMA (Charlie Enright / Pascal Bidégorry)

2020: L'Occitane en provence (Armel Tripon) - 1.2 nautical miles: 3m 5s making 23.35 knots.

2019: Charal (Jérémie Beyou)

2018: Charal (Jérémie Beyou)

2016: SAFRAN (Morgan Lagravière)

2015: SMA (Paul Meilhat - Michel Desjoyeaux)

2014: Maître CoQ (Jérémie Beyou)

2013: Macif (François Gabart / Michel Desjoyeaux)


48H Azimut

Depart from Lorient La Base
From Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 September

This is the Défi Azimut's flagship event : 48-hour sea passage, one skipper and one OBR (on-board reporter), one looped circuit of the Atlantic Ocean. During this race, the skippers have the opportunity to do battle one last time before the start of the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe. Tracking devices will enable the race to be followed live on the website cartography. The images sent by the OBRs will be shared by the Défi Azimut organisation so that everyone can enjoy them ! It's a competition that is also accessible on the Défi Azimut's social networks so that everyone has the chance to vote for their favourite video and photo.

The winners of previous editions of the 24H/48H Azimut:

2021: APIVIA (Charlie Dalin / Paul Meilhat)

2020: CHARAL (Jérémie Beyou)

2019: CHARAL (Jérémie Beyou / Christopher Pratt)

2018: PRB (Vincent Riou)

2017: SMA (Paul Meilhat / Gwénolé Gahinet)

2016: Banque Populaire VIII (Armel Le Cléac’h)

2015: PRB (Vincent Riou - Sébastien Col)

2014: Maître CoQ (Jérémie Beyou)

2013: Macif (François Gabart / Michel Desjoyeaux)

2012: Virbac-Paprec 3 (Jean-Pierre Dick)

2011: PRB (Vincent Riou / Hugues Destremau)

Chrono Tour de Groix – Timed and Crewed

Groix Island  – Sunday 18 September 

In the beautiful setting of Groix Island, the crews will test out their strategies and performance to try to beat the record held by Vincent Riou (PRB) who completed the course in 1 hour 8 minutes and 10 seconds. It's the perfect opportunity to get an insight into the emotions of racing as a crew, fully geared towards performance.

Record held by Vincent Riou : 1h 08 min 10 sec in 2015.


The winners of previous editions:

2021: LINKEDOUT (Thomas Ruyant / Morgan Lagravière)

2020: PRB (Kévin Escoffier)

2019: CHARAL (Jérémie Beyou, Christopher Pratt)

2017: SMA (Paul Meilhat / Gwénolé Gahinet)

2016: SMA (Paul Meilhat)

2015: PRB (Vincent Riou / Sébastien Col)

2014: SAFRAN (Marc Guillemot)

2013: SAFRAN (Marc Guillemot / Pascal Bidégorry)

2012: MACIF (François Gabart)